At 24-7 Group, we pride ourselves on our core values of Credibility, Capability, and Culture, which guide us in every aspect of our business. They provide the foundations for us delivering solutions that provide our customers with cost certainty, risk avoidance and programme assurance.


Our vision is to be recognised as THE multi-disciplined engineering company that changed the established client-constructor relationships, moving away from short-term, transactional behaviours towards more long-term partnerships founded on a shared understanding of common goals.



Passion, Innovation, Reliability and Integrity form the cornerstones of our business. We believe in fostering relationships based on these principles – we’re passionate about getting it right for you, we’re innovative to think outside the box if you require, we’ll reliably deliver your desired outcome and operate with a degree of Integrity which has fostered many long standing relationships.


The Group’s growth has been achieved by the recruitment of talented individuals & acquisitions combined with a unique understanding of our customers’ businesses and challenges. Early engagement with clients combined with in-house expertise help to achieve this. Each business division of the group is headed by a qualified and recognised industry leader within their market sector. We recruit talented individuals who have accountability for their business, technical expertise as well as a strong passion for engineering. This, along with the Group’s multi service structure, allows the ability to self-deliver the majority of its complex projects without the need for additional resource from external contractors.


Every client and member of our team are treated as unique, with their distinct ideas, needs, and values embraced and listened to. Our organisational culture is geared towards this understanding, fostering and respecting of these individual aspects.

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