Design & Build – Food Manufacturing Industry


Through our experience and success working within the food industry, delivering design and build projects for established market leaders, 24-7 Group are your one stop shop, multi-discipline partner for you to take your next step in expanding, revamping, or maintaining your premises.

What 24-7 Group can help with?

• Holding freezer white wall construction 
• Holding chiller white wall construction 
• Blast freezer white wall construction 
• Blast chiller white wall construction
• Insulated cold room floors 
• Heated under floor systems in cold rooms 
• Automated sliding/hinged cold room doors 
• Automated rapid rise doors for standard bay or freezer specification
• Refrigeration systems 
• Temperature controlled production areas
• Chiller supply/ installation
• Chilled water/Glycol pipe work 
• Hot water systems for wash down 
• Mains cold water booster systems
• Pressurization units
• Fully Integrated BMS 
• Data 
• Hygienic food production areas/Hygienic wall cladding
• Mechanical and electrical installations 
• Car park lighting 
• Car park white lines 
• Belisha beacon
• EV Chargers 
• Fire alarms (including VESDA systems) 
• Door access systems
• Security alarms
• Stainless steel curb and protection barriers 
• Resin Floors
• Screening
• Dust extraction
• Ventilation system (to BRC food standards) for high and low care areas 
• Canopy’s

Why 24-7 Group?

We have a dedicated in-house build project capability, with our team working alongside you to:

• Listen and understand your needs.
• Design your desired project.
• Develop a value engineered solution!
• Deliver your desired project, effectively, efficiently, at a suitable cost.

How 24-7 Group do it?

As a principal contractor, we succeed by utilising our own people and procurement processes, allowing us to control timeframes and make sure your project is completed at a cost conscious price to suit your budget, on time, so we can leave you to do what you do best – run your business.

Who 24-7 Group consider?

Through our experienced, we understand that there are key considerations when developing your project such as energy consumption, H&S compliance – with the ever-growing demand for businesses to reduce their environmental footprint, our aim is to maximize your business’ efficiency, whilst being conscious of the environmental impact and complying to industry standards and regulations.

When to contact 24-7 Group?

If you are considering any modifications, upgrades, installations, or internal space reconfiguration and do not know where to start – that is when engaging with one of our friendly experts is the right time to contact, so we can identify your requirements and advise on how to achieve your idea.

We are here to improve your spaces, achieve better efficiency and enhance productivity with a one-off comprehensive design and construction programme, to deliver an adjustment that responds to the unique requirements of your building, staff, and visitors.

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