Reduce. Re-use. Recycle.

Environmental Commitment

“As a leading building services and facilities management company committed to high quality design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of engineering within the built environment, the company is committed to minimising waste and the environmental footprint associated with all its activities.”

This statement is a declaration of intent on behalf of the Board of Directors to establish and maintain a progressive and proactive approach to achieving these objectives.

24-7 Group has been contributing to the built environment since 2002 and fully recognises the widespread implications of its operations for the natural environment and its responsibilities towards the protection of the environment.

24-7 will endeavour to promote the conservation and sustainable use of materials and energy to minimise the environmental impact of all its own and its supply chain activities.

We are committed to ensure:

  • Compliance with legal, client, trade organisation etc. requirements and best practice
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Reduction of waste – materials and resources
  • Use of environmental performance evaluation procedures and associated indicators
  • Design engineering solutions to minimise impact on the environment
  • Life cycle analysis of our solutions
  • Continuous improvement, employee engagement and training
  • Minimal environmental impact to adjacent neighbours
  • Encourage use of Environmental Management Systems by supply chain and sub-contract companies
  • Collaboration with all our stakeholders to achieve the above

24-7 follows a simple procedure to ensure waste is kept to a minimum.

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

Having strong partnerships with all major supply companies 24-7 finds this essential to help reduce waste and acquire products quickly.

The company’s senior management is committed to the implementation of this policy and will give full support to those authorised to carry it out.

Andrew R Hawes