24-7 Group were awarded the task to design and build the electrical infrastructure for a new 400,000sqft premises for the Wigan site.

The premises included; large office spaces, canteen facilities, plant space, and a large production and warehouse area.

24-7 Group designed and delivered the electrical systems for an energy efficient building which included modern design features and the latest technologies. LED intelligent lighting with presence/absence detection has been provided on each individual light fitting to provide eco-friendly usage when only certain areas are in use.

Specific specifications were needed for the production areas due to possible moisture ingress. 24-7 offered alternative designs and fittings with an IP rating of 65 to comply with the production atmosphere. This in-turn would produce minimum risk in accordance with ceiling height, affective working height and health and safety. Structural checks were necessary to check the requirements to ensure installation and future maintenance would cause minimal problems.

Biometric finger scanners were purchased and installed to ensure employees could enter the building without having to manually sign in and out each time. 24-7 realised the potential of these scanners and created a full online integrated system to formulate a log of who is inside the building, linking it with the fire safety system in the event of a fire alarm activation.

24-7 Group has industrialised Westwood Park and helped it enter a new era of every stage of wet wipe manufacturing by delivering substantial benefits. Including improved efficiency, flexibility and enhanced capacity across the now ‘largest building in the borough of Wigan’.

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Ultimate Client:

Main Contractor:
Vinci Construction

24-7 Value:
£2.5 million

Full Project Value:
£29 million


Level of Design:
Design & Build