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A total solution for every aspect of building management control.

We design, manufacture & supply provide a tried and tested range of BS EN 60439-1 compliant switchboards for distributing power around buildings and industrial plants.

24-7 Electrical use established designs to provide assemblies that are both reliable and flexible, offering a total solution for every aspect of building management control, including the most sophisticated of infrastructures.

By sourcing materials from a range of suppliers we can provide our customers with the best solution for their unique requirements. By working closely with our customers, design engineers and installers, we design and manufacture low voltage switchgear solutions in a timely cost effective manner.

Who’s Devices?

All major brands of breakers, contactors, relays etc. can be fitted in a system which suits your needs. We can provide systems with the highest form of personal safety with protection of material and environment. Any number of combinations is available within the same panel, MCCB’s, switch fuses, withdrawable switch fuses and ACB’s. This provides the design team with great flexibility within their distribution design.

What Ratings?

With bus bar ratings from 400A to 7200A you can be sure we can provide a system that can meet your needs.

Recent 24-7 Electrical Switchgear Projects

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