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Safety Health and the Environment.

Fundamental to everything we do.

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Safety Health and the Environment (SHE) management is a fundamental to everything we do, off and on site.
Proactive Management

Although we have a set safety policy, carry out audits and support all levels of employees, it is the responsibility of senior management and the project management team to drive behaviour change to improve safety on site.

The support of senior management is vital to ensure that safety issues receive the necessary profile and authority.

It is the responsibility of the Project Team to manage safely. It must be recognised that site supervision have a very important and significant roll in relation to this task. Accident numbers can be reduced by proactive supervision, which can in turn help relay the Company’s attitude to safety to the operatives.

Set out below are the fundamental management procedures that we undertake to ensure that we effectively manage Safety, Health and Environmental issues on the Tesco Refresh project:

Director & SHE Site Inspections

To ensure senior management input into SHE issues, One of our Directors accompanied by our SHE Advisor, will carry out regular inspections and formal audits on site. These reports will highlight any areas requiring improvement as well as good practice and will be formally issued to the Project management team.

On many of our projects these site inspections are carried out jointly with the Principal Contractor.

Weekly Supervision Site Safety & Plant Inspections

Site supervision will carry out safety inspections on a weekly basis. Any items requiring attention will be brought to the attention of the project team and SHE advisor. As with all our reports these weekly inspections will be issued to the principle contractor.

Induction Training

All 24-7 operatives on the Project will receive induction training from 24-7 supervision. This is in addition to the Principle Contractors site inductions. At the 24-7 induction, safety policy and accident reporting procedures are brought to the attention of all attendees.

A register of attendance of these inductions is maintained as part of our safety documentation.

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